About the UPC


Here at the Unmoving Picture Company I make it my priority to analyze and promote comic books as a literary format! I also tend to just geek out in general about pop culture and the like. I’m here to review and to ramble, usually about comic books but sometimes about movies and TV shows. I rate things from 1-10 but don’t have a precise formula, just reasoning behind lower scores and higher scores where most books are a 5. Hopefully I can build up a large enough roster of reviewed material that you and I can establish the connection that consumers have lost over the years to faceless media giants that use a rotating cast of various reviewers to comment on pop culture developments, completely annihilating all semblance of narrative and rhetorical consistency. But let’s just take it one step at a time.

About Me


Name: Joey McKinney

Age: 19

Team Affiliations: The Unmoving Picture Company

Powers and Abilities: Reading and writing (I’m not so great at arithmetic). Critical thinker, lover of storytelling, philosophy and the English language.

Status: Broke college student